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Asian Leopard cat

Bengal Blessings

Sampson recentally attend a mass at the Our Lady of The Mountain Catholic School and was blessed by Father Hoppenjohn.


Last Day of Summer

Morning with the Bengals


I love my Bengal Cat

A year ago my best friend told me about a particular breed of cat that she had fallen in love with. It was the Bengal. A new exotic hybrid. I researched the breed, ordered what books I could find on Amazon, and searched for breeders within driving distance of my home. Luckily I found Sampson and brought him home for Christmas. He was the most beautiful cat I had ever saw. I was thrilled to have him as the family Christmas gift and so were my two boys. At first I was  a tad bit nervous about buying a hybrid breed, but Sampson is the sweetest, most gentle cat I have ever owned. They steal your heart and are the ultimate companions.

Sampson has regular visits to our Vet and is in Tip Top shape. Subscribe to his blog for updates on available kittens.